ZIG's Philosophy

Zig has been building homes since 1994; We have seen many good builders come and go and have seen the boom times when everyone was a “builder;” Our path has been the classic “slow and steady wins the race,” building about 4-6 homes a year. We have seen a lot in our many years of experience and have the knowledge to steer you clear of the up-sellers and the trends that won’t last; further, the technical hype has to have a good payback for us to recommend it to you.

With Zig being a small builder, this means individual service; it also means better pricing because we competitively bid out all aspects of your construction project which keeps your costs down. We will be with you during design meetings and review your selections; further we will give you suggestions for the special Zig touches everyone loves and recommend alternatives or cost-cutting measures to keep you in budget.

Zig and our great team is extremely creative; we believe we are second to none in the Valley and here is why: it starts at the top; Zig is very creative and seeks out suppliers and contractors that are passionate at what they do and appreciate putting their heart and soul into your home as if it were their own.

We use the same subcontractor pool on all homes Zig builds. One company name, ZIG Builders, suits all projects we work on. We don’t need 2 or 3 different names. That simply confuses us.

We strive for excellence under one motto:

With Character People, For Character people.

Zig graduated with his undergrad degree Summa Cum Laude, with highest honors, in MIS (good analytical skills) and his MBA with an emphasis in Finance (a numbers guy). Corporate America for 13 years (project management) and then followed his dream of creating eye-popping homes. He loves to design our homes, working closely with you and the architect.

Zig Strengths: creativity, flexibility, listening to you the customer, treats building your home as a dynamic process, advocate for you the customer, project management, work hard to keep costs in check, really cares about you and your home.

This is why year after year, we have the best of show homes in the parade that are always the public’s favorite. Our skill set means money in your pocket; in avoiding unnecessary costs during the build and in your home staying fresher longer than most homes so when you sell, you can expect good equity.

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